Turkey and Fiorina with Onions

by http://mamaquehay.blogspot.com



  • 550g of turkey chunks
  • 300g of Fiorina
  • 280g of Onions
  • Sweet and sour paprika
  • Salt and Pepper
  • Olive oil


Cut the onion into quarters and then into strips. Fry them with olive oil on a high fire and without waiting to be done put in the turkey chunks. Put salt and pepper all over.

We need to keep the fire high and leave for a few minutes to brown of, and then stir for a bit.

Then we pour a good drop of white wine and take off with a serving spoon the ones that have been left and that are glued in the saucepan.

Then we lower the heat, and add 1/2 teaspoon of paprika and let it cook and then cover the fiorina for 20 minutes.

The Fiorina is cooked on the side in the microwave, to cook the fiorina we need to, wash and put it in the microwave on a plate covered for 4 minutes.

The fiorina will be more whole and done to it´s point.

If you prefer it you can add to the saucepan when they have spent 8-10 minutes of cooking we can put in the sprigs of fiorina, salted and then we re-cover.

For serving you can sprinkle a bit more paprika on top.

Hope you like it!